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You have been invited to take part in this Latest Hair Magazine Application Software (App) opportunity for your company.

The Latest Hair Magazine App is an innovative way to advertise hair styles, cuts and beauty products. Our magazine will showcase the elite hairstylists in select cities. Software Applications are excellent marketing tools to reach the maximum amount of consumers in this technological age. The Latest Hair Magazine is focused on using technology to market products and to take cosmetology from salons and deliver it to the mobile phones of every household. As a participating advertiser your ad will give the consumer direct connection to your company far more profitable than any print magazine.

Below you will find the details of the offer,  demo of the apps, pricing and advertising submission forms in the navigational menu. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our advertising department at (248) 397-5119 or email


Mobile Apps are increasingly the smart way to advertise your business. Since almost everyone has at least one smartphone or tablet, you are sure to get your point across.

Mobile app usage now surpasses desktop and print magazine usage.

In the styling industry, people are always looking for ways to improve their appearance. Mobilizing your business eliminates the need for paper, printing costs and shipping. Mobile Apps make it easy for constant and instant updates.

Print is no longer necessary when mobile apps offer such flexibility for the potential client. With Nooks, Kindles and the iPad, users have access to any and everything while on the go. Take part in the mobile revolution and get your hair styles and cuts on this mobile app. No time is better than this one with our special introductory offer.



If you are a talented independent hairstylist, busy hair salon or popular barbershop, then this mobile app is for you!

For a limited time, the Latest Hair Magazine and directory is offering spots on the mobile app at very inexpensive rates during our invite only issue.

The exclusive magazine is released monthly and users downloading from the store will be the first to see your new designs every month for free! This means a potential thousands of downloads featuring your quality work! The mobile app will be available on Google Play and the Apple Store. This kind of exposure is unheard of.  Put your talent in the hands of every mobile user! Mobile Apps are updated monthly and automatically on every users mobile phone, so you will constantly be exposed for every month you participate.



android-logoAndroid Demo App       appleiPhone/iPad Demo App

Demo Magazine: Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Other



All Hair Salon Gallery Ads will include:

Hair Salon Name
Featured Stylist(s)
Contact Phone(s)
Location (or Mobile Details)
Inclusion in Text Directory at back of Mobile App Magazine

OPTIONAL: On-Page Video Embed to Professional YouTube Video

All Independent Hair Stylist Gallery Ads(not participating in Salon Showcases) will include:

Stylist Name
Contact Phone
Location (or Mobile Details)
Inclusion in Text Directory at back of Mobile App Magazine

All  Barber Shop & Barber Gallery Ads will include:
Barber Shop Name(if Applicable)
Featured Barbers Name
Contact Phone(s)
Location (or Mobile Details)
Inclusion in Text Directory at back of Mobile App Magazine

OPTIONAL FOR BARBERSHOPS: On-Page Video Embed to Professional YouTube Video

Directory Listings For Participants Not Included in Gallery

The Directory Listings are Included in all Gallery Orders automatically.  Stylists and Barbers who do not wish to participate in gallery advertisements may alternatively order a spot in the Text/Link Listing Directory.

Independent Stylists & Barbers Listings Include:
Stylist Name
Address (if applicable)
Style Specialties
Hyperlinks to Web Addresses
Map Insertion(if Applicable)

Hair Salons & Barber Shops
Location Information
Featured Stylist(s)
Phone Number(s)
Hyperlinks to Web Addresses

View Demo Apps Here

android-logoAndroid Demo App
appleiPhone/iPad Demo App

Demo Magazine: Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Other


(See Submission Guidelines)


Page Spots Available First Come First Serve

Financing Available for Orders over $99, if you qualify. Click Here for More Information

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